Hot Wheels Air Fresheners

It's not the same without the flame™

Hot Wheels is THE name in diecast model cars and is cemented into human culture across the world. Though you may not be able to bring your collection all over the place on your daily commute, now you can bring along a more refreshing Hot Wheels experience with the new line of Hot Wheels Air Fresheners. Clip one in a vent or dangle it from your rearview mirror; no matter how you sport them, your ride will smell amazing. Each of the five unique scents are named after your favorite cars and groups of cars that date back to the early days of Hot Wheels from the speedy Rodger Dodger and bold Burnout, to the fruity Beach Bomb and are long-lasting without being overpowering.

Where other air fresheners fall short, the Hot Wheels rear view mirror hangers and vent clips outperform. Not only do they smell great but their high quality allows them to remain an attractive fixture in your ride. Even the finalists of the annual Hot Wheels Legends tour were spotted hanging some in their award-winning cars! Make your ride feel and smell like a legend and grab a Hot Wheels Air Freshener at your local Autozone or Walmart.

Available in-store at Walmart and Autozone