Product Fragrances


The Heat of the Chase

Top Notes: Orange Bergamot
Heart Notes: Cedar
Base Notes: Leather


Smoking Wheels

Top Notes: Pine Needle
Heart Notes: Sandalwood
Base Notes: Woody

Treasure Hunt

Hidden Gem

Top Notes: Pineapple
Heart Notes: Caramel
Base Notes: Raspberry

Rodger Dodger

Race Ready

Top Notes: Ocean Spray
Heart Notes: Orange
Base Notes: Vanilla

Beach Bomb

Flower Power

Top Notes: Raspberry
Heart Notes: Peach
Base Notes: Cedar

Silver Bullet

Vintage Leather

Top Notes: Leather
Heart Notes: Sandalwood
Base Notes: Cedar

Product Types

Hanging Rear-View Mount

We have developed an air freshener that is ideal for hanging especially from the rear-view mirror. The product is made up of 4 key components:

  1. EVA (Black Tire)
  2. Redline
  3. Tag Line “It’s not the same without the flame”
  4. Metalized Alloy

Vent Mount

We have developed an air freshener that is to be mounted on the car’s interior air vent grills. These products perform best with air circulation.

The vent product shares most of the same design cues as hanging with the exception of EVA for the fragrance carrier. Vent benefits from a fragranced vent core which is pre-molded and then fragrance added by bathing the core in fragrance for a defined period.

The product also benefits from a 360-degree mounting clip, allowing you to mount the product in the correct orientation and angle in most cars.

Product Availability

In-Store Autozone

In-Store Walmart

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