Treasure Hunt

A limited production run of select vehicles with real rubber tires, spectraflame paint jobs and modified decos were randomly packed into cases with a green bar on the blister card marked “Treasure Hunt” or “T-Hunt.” After these cars proved to be extremely popular with collectors, the 1996 run was increased to 25,000 of each vehicle. Hard-core collectors were known to befriend store stock clerks to grab them before they ever hit the shelves. Happy Hunting!

Fragrance Description: Hidden Gem
Top Notes: Pineapple
Heart Notes: Caramel
Base Notes: Raspberry

Lasts up to 30 Days

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Do you remember your first car?

Hot Wheels has developed in partnership a range of automotive inspired air fresheners that can be enjoyed in the car, office and home.

From the first introduction of the customized, big wheel, flamed paint jobed, small scale models, the brand has gone on to develop over 20,000 models, selling over six billion units. Hot Wheels celebrates it birthday on May 1968 making the brand over 50 years old, in those 50+ years the brand has achieved some amazing milestones including breaking 3 Guinness World Records. The brand has never been more relevant with the hash tag #HOTWHEELS being shared every 30 seconds on social media.

Working with Hot Wheels rich heritage to bring to life a range of automotive air fresheners. From the exclusively developed fragrances to the mounting options available no detail has been overlooked, making this range worthy of the “Hot Wheels” stamp of approval… “It’s not the same without the flame!”

BEWARE! Contents may ignite the challenger spirit.

Fragrance Description:

Hidden Gem

Top Notes:


Heart Notes:


Base Notes:


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